Brain Injury Awareness Week 2018

August 20th, 2018

Today marks the beginning of Brain Injury Awareness Week, occurring from Monday 20 August to Sunday 26 August.

An overwhelming number of NIISQ participants are living with traumatic brain injuries caused by a motor vehicle accident in Queensland. Brain Injury Awareness week is a great opportunity to understand the symptoms and impacts of brain injury.

Brain injury is often ‘invisible’ to others because the physical effects are not immediately noticed.

“Even when the injury is caused by trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident, the impacts may not be visible and the person can outwardly appear to be fully recovered,” said Dr Clare Townsend, Synapse.

It is common for people recovering from brain injury to feel exhausted by their efforts to regain aspects of their former life, and a perceived lack of compassion from family members can be particularly discouraging. Conversely, the person with the brain injury may lack self-awareness, and not fully understand how difficult it can be for their family in the caring role.

NIISQ provides necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support to help participants with a traumatic brain injury adjust to their new life roles. Support may include: appropriate allied health therapies, community access, school and social support, assistive technology and respite care.

Through relevant support, participants with brain injuries can work towards their goals.

Throughout Brain Injury Awareness Week, NIISQ will be sharing stories from individuals living with brain injury. Be sure to check our website and social media pages for more information, and if you haven’t already please subscribe to our newsletter to receive our special edition newsletter.

The following resources are available to help individuals and their families:


Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Services (ABIOS)