Our services

NIISQ Agency offers the following core services:

Eligibility assessment

From 1 July 2016, we assess the eligibility of anyone who sustains a serious personal injury in a motor vehicle accident or work related accident to determine whether they may be a participant in the National Injury Insurance Scheme (NIISQ). The injuries covered by the NIISQ are eligible traumatic brain injuries, permanent spinal cord injuries, multiple or high-level limb amputations, permanent brachial plexus injuries, serious burns and permanent blindness caused by trauma.

Further information on our eligibility assessment process can be found here.

You may also wish to read our Overview and Eligibility information sheet.

Services under NIISQ

We assess the treatment, care and support needs of participants in the NIISQ. Further information on the services we provide can be found here.

Our Treatment, care and support information sheet provides further information about the specific areas of treatment, care and support we fund and how we determine what is necessary and reasonable to fund.

We also develop personal support plans for participants in the NIISQ. These plans are tailored to a participant’s goal and needs to maximise independence and dignity. You can find further information on our personal support plans here.

Eligible workers’

Queensland workers’ compensation insurers have engaged the NIISQ Agency to manage eligible workers’ treatment, care and support. For more information, visit www.worksafe.qld.gov.au.

Management of the Levy

Queenslanders pay for the NIISQ via a levy in conjunction with their CTP premium and registration. We manage the levy, including annually reviewing the amount required to be contributed to the fund for the next financial year. Further information on how we manage the levy and how it is calculated can be found here.

Review of decisions

We internally review decisions we have made regarding the eligibility of individuals for the NIISQ and the treatment, care or support needs of individuals. Further information on our internal review process can be found here.