Policies and guidelines

Service provider standards

The NIISQ Agency Service Provider Standards detail the requirements for providers who are delivering a range of treatment, care and support services to NIISQ participants. They provide useful information about how we operate and work with service providers.

Our Service Provider Standards also include service-specific information that relates to the delivery of specific services groups and/or service types.

All service providers must operate in accordance with the NIISQ Agency Service Provider Standards and the terms and conditions of their contract(s).

Please click here to read the Service Provider Standards in full.

Please refer any queries regarding the NIISQ Agency Service Provider Standards to serviceprovider@niis.qld.gov.au.

Reportable incident policy

All NIISQ Agency service providers (registered or non-registered) are responsible for delivering high-quality and safe treatment, care and support services. The NIISQ Agency Reportable Incident Policy can be viewed by clicking here.

  • A ‘reportable incident’ is where a certain act or event has occurred (or is alleged to have occurred) when delivering services to a NIISQ participant.

    The Reportable Incident Policy provides further information about reportable incidents.

  • All service providers delivering treatment, care and support services to a NIISQ participant.

  • If a reportable incident has occurred (or is alleged to have occurred) when delivering services to a NIISQ participant, the incident must be reported to the NIISQ Agency within one (1) business day.

  • The Reportable Incident Policy provides further information about how to report a reportable incident.

Criminal History screening policy

The NIISQ Agency’s service provider criminal history Screening policy is currently under review.

Please ensure that all staff required to have a worker screening clearance have received an NDIS Working Screening Clearance or Queensland Disability Worker Screening Clearance before providing services to NIISQ participants.

Any enquiries regarding these requirements can be sent to serviceprovider@niis.qld.gov.au.


The following guidelines help participants and service providers understand how decisions are made by the NIISQ Agency.

The information provided in these guidelines is for general information purposes, subject to change and does not constitute legal advice or recommendations. It should not be relied upon as constituting legal advice or a recommendation or as applicable to specific circumstances. Please refer to the National Injury Insurance Scheme (Queensland) Act 2016 and Regulation 2016 for more details about NIISQ.

Last updated: September 2022