Walking Together

Walking Together by Paul Constable Calcott

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Walking Together illustrates how the National Injury Insurance Scheme, Queensland will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who sustain serious personal injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

The artwork shows the person with disability at the centre of the image and talks about how these things are just part of our destiny.

The piece is about healing and shows the participant’s journey, including how the Queensland Government will support them throughout their life – helping them become strong again and heal their spirit as well as their body.

The different colours used as a backdrop depicts Queensland’s rich and varied Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities including the hinterland, desert, urban, coastal and Torres Strait regions, and their many language groups.

About the artist

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Paul Constable Calcott is an Australian Aboriginal artist living on the Sunshine Coast.

He has been working within the disability sector for thirty years and is committed to ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with disability have access to services and supports that help keep them strong.

Paul loves to paint and has pieces in private collections and government agencies both nationally and overseas.