Izak is a NIISQ participant who sustained a traumatic brain injury from a motorbike accident in January 2017.

Due to Izak’s lengthy stay in hospital and the effects of his brain injury, NIISQ funded an exercise physiology and gym reconditioning program to build Izak back up to a reasonable level of fitness to manage day to day fatigue and exhaustion.

As changes in Izak’s vision were identified post his traumatic brain injury, NIISQ assisted Izak by funding optometry and glasses.  NIISQ also helped Izak to return to safe driving by funding an occupational therapy driving assessment and provide a specialist report for medical clearance.

Izak shares his experience:

“Recovery from a brain injury is initially a daunting process as it takes years of perseverance with no guarantee of a full recovery. You begin to truly appreciate your relationships with individuals and communities as they support you and help you maintain an optimistic perspective.

I have progressed towards my recovery goals by developing a strategy and forming healthy habits. My NIISQ support planners have guided me through the overwhelming processes involved when re-entering society after my accident.

Rehabilitation is an intimidating process as you learn to care for yourself and become independent. After the accident, when first attempting everyday responsibilities, the knowledge that assistance is always available reduced my anxiety and allowed me to focus on my recovery.

NIISQ has helped me to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle where I feel confident and independent. To maintain a productive lifestyle, it has been important to develop healthy habits in all aspects of my life. Currently I work part time for an architectural firm and a research centre and at the end of the year I will graduate from university.  After receiving exercise physiotherapy sessions, I now train and play for a local football team each week.

Adjusting my social life to the personal differences I experience since acquiring my injury has been a difficult but rewarding process. During my recovery, I have grown to fully appreciate my amazing friends and family. I now truly recognise the importance of having a strong support network.”

The NIISQ team admire the progress and achievements Izak continues to make following his accident. Izak is now sharing his lived experience of brain injury to assist The Hopkins Centre with valuable research. We recently attended a presentation that Izak delivered to the Occupational Therapy Department at the Princess Alexandra hospital. Izak combined his experience as a patient in the hospitals and rehabilitation spaces with his knowledge on architecture to discuss how spaces can be arranged to promote better rehabilitative outcomes for individuals with a brain injury.

Izak’s life is full of self-directed activities that are rewarding and purposeful. NIISQ will continue to support Izak with his injury related needs. We look forward to seeing him achieve his goal of finishing university and seeing what he does next.