Tim: follow up

A light at the end of the tunnel: NIISQ Lifetime Participant, Tim, shares his story

Tim was one of the first participants to be accepted in to NIISQ, when he sustained a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident shortly after NIISQ commenced in 2016.

“If it wasn’t for NIISQ, I would not have been remotely close to achieving the goals that I set myself when I woke from my coma,” said Tim.

NIISQ funded Tim’s accident related dental treatment, brain injury rehabilitation with an allied health and rehabilitation physician, hospital fees and driver rehabilitation.

“NIISQ helped me on my long road to trying to get my life as I knew it back. From hospital, dentistry, rehabilitation and countless doctor visits, everything was easier thanks to NIISQ. I cannot find words to express how grateful I am for all that NIISQ has done for me,” said Tim.

Tim previously shared his story one year after his accident, after he had returned to work and made a significant interstate move when he was inspired to be closer to his family and friends post injury.

“Quite a lot has changed in my life since then,” said Tim.

“I’ve had a few different jobs since then and now I’ve finally stuck with one that, in my eyes, also helps me to get back to what I was like prior to the incident. It’s not a flash job or anything but I feel like it helps me with my memory skills and coordination. I’m a builder’s labourer for my mate that has a building company,” said Tim.

When we first shared Tim’s story in 2017, we learned that he was a keen spearfisherman and it’s heart-warming to learn that he has continued to pursue an interest that helps keep his positive mindset.

Tim said, “In my spare time, I’ve completely thrown myself into fishing because I personally feel that it helps me work on my balance, memory, coordination and fitness. Because I’ve completely thrown myself into it, I’ve also been catching a few fish that I have chased for years and wanted to get since I was a kid!”

Fast forward to 2018 and Tim was recently accepted as one of NIISQ’s first lifetime participants. He admits that this was initially difficult for him to process.

“I wasn’t happy at all because the person inside of me thought he was stronger than that. But after a few days, looking back at photos, videos and doctor’s reports, I realised how far I had come,” said Tim.

“I was actually stoked you guys had chosen to be with me for the rest of my life, even after how much you had already done for me.”

When we first shared Tim’s story, he was confident that he had already achieved everything he had hoped.

“My primary goal now is to work towards buying a house. My NIISQ Support Planner and I both agree that this is a goal that nearly every human has and this made me realise how far I have come in my recovery. For me, that was a very proud day,” said Tim.

Tim wishes to share his personal insights to people in similar circumstances.

“If you’re about to start this long road of recovery, know that it will be tough and have you feeling like you’re giving your all for nothing in return. While it will break you down, it will build you back up and eventually there is a light at the end of the long tunnel. My light was when I started to look to the future. Even though that day might take a long time to come, when it comes and you see that all this hard work has been beyond worth it, it will be by far the best feeling.”

NIISQ will continue to support Tim as his injury related needs evolve.