The NIISQ Agency's Stakeholder Breakfast Forum: a vision for the future

Welcome to the NIISQ Agency’s 2022 Stakeholder breakfast forum: a vision for the future.

Program overview

7.30 – 7.50amRegistration / coffee and tea available
8.00amOfficial proceedings commence
MC: Neil Singleton | CEO, NIISQ Agency
Breakfast to be served
8.15amKeynote address
Matthew Ames
8.35amSetting the scene: NIISQ by the numbers
Dr Youyou Luo | Director Analytics, NIISQ Agency
8.45amTable discussion introduction
Gaenor Walker | General Manager Participant Care
Linda Vallance | Manager Quality & Safeguarding
Kassandra Squire | Director Legal Services & Claims
Vivienne Neilan | Director Innovation
8.55amTable discussions
10.20amClosing remarks
Neil Singleton | CEO, NIISQ Agency
10.30amForum concludes

Breakfast menu

A selection of teas, freshly brewed coffee and juice is available

Seasonal fruit platters

A plated breakfast, including herbed tomato, smoked bacon, chicken sausage, scrambled eggs and sourdough toast


Our thanks to our valued speakers at today’s forum.

Matthew Ames | Keynote speaker

Matthew Ames was 39 years old when what started as a sore throat resulted in the loss of all four of his limbs. He had contracted streptococcal resulting in toxic shock and was never expected to survive.

Matthew has beaten the odds, spurred on by the fact that he is the father of four young children aged between two and nine and husband of a very dedicated wife determined to grow old with him.

Since his limbs were removed, Matthew has been faced with incredible challenges. Some of the biggest have been in knowledge available to him about his prospects and ideas about how much he should expect to be able to do. He is one of very few quadruple amputees in Australia, let alone globally. His limbs are significantly shorter than most and at present he relies entirely on his core strength to sit upright and move.  Most prosthetics are designed in the context that other limbs are available (arm prosthetics, for example, that have levers that need another arm to manoeuvre).

Matthew has developed his own ideas about what he needs, and the simple tasks of being able to walk unassisted and feed himself are at the top of the list. To be able to do this, he needs prosthetics that will cost around $500,000 per set. They will need replacing every 5 – 7 years.

Neil Singleton | Chief Executive Officer, NIISQ Agency

Neil was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the NIISQ Agency in June 2021, and also holds the roles of Insurance Commissioner and Nominal Defendant.

Neil has over 30 years of insurance experience across a broad range of management and executive positions. His responsibilities include providing strong strategic leadership to ensure viable, affordable and equitable CTP insurance and life-time care schemes in Queensland.

Neil is a huge fan of customer-based design and enabling and encouraging an innovative culture to help continually improve service, performance and outcomes.

Dr Youyou Luo | Director Analytics, NIISQ Agency

Youyou leads the NIISQ Agency’s data analytics, levies advice, business intelligence and scheme reporting functions. She has a research background and has worked in data analytics roles across government organisations including transport, education and human services.

Youyou is passionate about turning data into insights that inform government policy, decision making and service delivery.

Gaenor Walker | General Manager Participant Care, NIISQ Agency

As General Manager Participant Care, Gaenor brings extensive experience through her work in the NIISQ Agency, in the insurance industry, NGOs and in private practice as an Occupational Therapist.

Gaenor has also worked on projects and initiatives in the lead up to the implementation of the NDIS in Queensland and the redesign of insurance sector services. She is passionate about harnessing the great skills and expertise of the NIISQ team, and places great emphasis on building a strong, supportive culture where people succeed and participants benefit from great outcomes.

Linda Vallance | Manager Quality & Safeguarding, NIISQ Agency

Linda Vallance joined the NIISQ Agency in August 2022 as Manager Quality and Safeguarding.

She has over 25 years of experience working in the government and not-for-profit social services sector, including juvenile justice, out-of-home care, health, aged care, and disability.

Linda proudly managed the operationalisation of the 2015 and 2016 changes to the Queensland Government Disability Services Act 2006, allowing the highest safeguards standards to remain a part of Queensland best practice with the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). After leaving government in 2017, Linda led her own company – Projects for Purpose and over that time has supported many for purpose organisations to achieve success.

Kassandra Squire | Director Legal Services & Claims, NIISQ Agency

Kassandra is a qualified solicitor with over twenty years’ experience in personal injury insurance. Kassandra possesses a willingness to step in and resolve issues on specific cases in a calm, professional manner while also building positive relationships and engagement with insurers and legal representatives to help prevent further issues arising.

She leads the NIISQ Agency’s Legal Services and Claims team, providing expert counsel and advice regarding legislative interpretation, strategic management and guidance across a range of ever more complex issues.

Vivienne Neilan | Director Innovation, NIISQ Agency

As Director Innovation, Vivienne brings her passion and drive to really make a positive difference for people who have been seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents. Vivienne has close to 20 years of working within personal injury schemes, both the public and private sectors and in regulation.

She has extensive experience in complex case management, policy and governance and played a key role in progressing the Digital Innovation journey in the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) to progress some of the most complex challenges facing injured people when they are trying to claim compensation. She remains deeply connected to the Agency’s purpose of striving for amazing outcomes for our participants by building innovation capabilities and creating the right environment for innovation to thrive.

Vicki Vanderent | Director People, Policy & Communication, NIISQ Agency

Vicki leads the people, communication and policy functions for the NIISQ Agency. As leader for people and communication, she is responsible for both participant and employee experience.

With a passion for culture and community, Vicki loves to co-create experiences to support people to learn, grow and thrive. Also responsible for planning and policy, Vicki helps define and shape strategies, policies and plans that improve Queensland’s lifetime care scheme and promotes measures that improve participant outcomes.

Last updated: October 2022