Chris M

Chris is a Gomeroi man who sustained a spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle accident in September 2017. NIISQ has helped Chris to get back into life after injury. 

“NIISQ has made my recovery journey easier. Knowing I have support and help with organising my rehabilitation and care decreases my stress,” Chris said. 

Chris loves being in the sun, near trees and beside water. He has accessed necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support through NIISQ, which has helped him to get out during the day and spend time in the elements.  

This included funding a PowerDrive wheelchair and other equipment and medication. We have also funded attendant, care and support to help with Chris’ daily support needs, rehabilitation, physiotherapy and adjustment to injury counselling services, as well as helping him connect with a General Practitioner who specialises in Aboriginal community health. 

“My healing will not be finished until I can go home to my community, be with my family and spend time along my favourite place at the river. I want to return to driving so I can get there any time,” he said. 

To support Chris’ goals, we funded an Occupational Therapy driving assessment, which he passed with flying colours. He is now attending driving lessons, can drive into the vehicle in his power wheelchair and independently operate and control a modified vehicle. 

“I am looking forward to becoming more independent. I am working on my strength and endurance so that I can withstand sitting in the car long enough to visit home on the weekends. I would tell others in the same situation that patience is the key. Be patient and things will start to get better,” he said. 

Last updated: September 2022