Chris’ recovery is right on target. 

Chris lost his right arm and sustained a traumatic brain injury from a motor vehicle accident in August 2016. 

Following his discharge from hospital, NIISQ stepped in early to fund Chris’ accident-related medications, provide assistive devices to accommodate his amputation and a three month gym access to help him undertake a clinical reconditioning program. 

“NIISQ have helped me with stuff that I didn’t even realise would be funded by the Scheme,” Chris said. 

During his transition to home, Chris needed to relearn how to do everyday activities, adapting to accommodate his injury. 

His typical day involves rising early to enjoy his morning coffee and he strives to maintain a sense of routine by undertaking household chores and regular exercise. 

Chris’ mindset is simple yet effectively positive. 

“My words to anyone in similar circumstances is to keep your head up. There’s always things to look forward to in the day,” he said 

NIISQ was able to provide funding to assist with transport to a disability coach at a local archery club, an interest that Chris was considering pursuing on his own. 

Chris’ primary goal now is to undertake his upcoming occupational driving assessment and driving rehabilitation to accommodate for his amputation, all of which will be funded by NIISQ. If Chris is able to return to driving, he hopes this will make it easier to access the community to commence vocational activities and progress towards finding paid employment. 

We look forward to helping Chris reach his goals. 

Last updated: September 2022