How to apply

If you have sustained a serious personal injury in a motor vehicle accident and have a question about NIISQ, please call the NIISQ Agency on 1300 607 566.

Application process (motor vehicle accidents)

To apply to enter the NIISQ you will need to complete an Application Form – Interim Participation and have a qualified medical specialist complete the medical certificate attached to the Application Form – Interim Participation.

You can download the Application Form – Interim Participation:

Application Form – Interim Participation (PDF)

We will need you or someone who has authority to sign and date the application form, add any documents and send it to us for consideration.

Most people seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland will be taken to a major hospital. Subject to your consent, the hospital may help you make an application to NIISQ.

If you have made a CTP claim against an insurer, the insurer may make an application on your behalf.

The application form for insurers is below:

Application Form – Insurer (PDF)

Your application form should include:

  1. Medical information
  2. An additional assessment (for brain injuries and burns) may need to be completed and submitted with the application form. This is to give us extra information to check if you meet the criteria for those injury types. This assessment is called a Functional Independence Measure (FIM®) (or WeeFIM® for children). There is more information on FIM® and WeeFIM® on the Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC) website. The FIM® or WeeFIM® assessment must be undertaken by a credentialed FIM® or WeeFIM® assessor. If more than one FIM® or WeeFIM® has been administered, both scores should be submitted. The National Injury Insurance Agency, Queensland (NIISQ Agency) will consider both assessments when determining eligibility. If there is more than one FIM® or WeeFIM® assessment, the most current information about the injured person’s need for assistance is considered when determining necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support needs.
  3. An authority signed by you or someone on your behalf, providing your consent for us to contact people (like doctors, police and ambulance officers) who have information that might help us make a decision about your eligibility for the Scheme.

What happens after you apply

Once we receive your application, we will review all the information provided and determine if your accident and injury meet the eligibility criteria to join NIISQ. We will inform you in writing of our decision. Where you have provided all information, this decision may take up to 28 days. Where further information is requested it may take longer, however we will keep you informed of the progress of your application.

Time limits

Time limits apply for sending us your Application Form – Interim Participation. This should be sent to the NIISQ Agency as soon as possible and within one year from the date of the accident.

Interim and lifetime participation

As an interim participant, the NIISQ Agency may pay for your necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support for up to two years while your injuries are still improving. Towards the end of those two years you will be assessed for lifetime participation. If you are eligible for lifetime participation you will receive necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support for the rest of your life.If you don’t agree with our decision about eligibility for NIISQ you can ask for the decision to be reviewed. See the Reviews section for more information.

More information is available on our Information sheets.