The application process

To apply to enter NIISQ you, or someone or your behalf, will need to complete an application form and have a qualified medical specialist complete the medical certificate.

You can download the Application Form – Interim Participation here:

  1. Download the Application Form – Interim Participant
  2. Fill out the application form
  3. Have a qualified medical specialist complete the medical certificate aspect of the form
  4. Attach any supportive documents if appropriate
  5. Email the form to
    or post to GPO Box 1391, Brisbane QLD 4001

Applications for NIISQ often occur when you are in a Queensland Health facility, with support from a social worker. However, applications are accepted at any time post-injury and will each be individually reviewed for eligibility.

If you have made a CTP claim against an insurer, the insurer may make an application on your behalf.

The application form for insurers is below:

If eligible, you are accepted as an ‘interim NIISQ participant’ for two years.

Towards the end of those two years, your recovery will be assessed to determine whether you can leave NIISQ as a result of your recovery, or if you are eligible to continue to receive necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support for the rest of your life.

Different eligibility criteria may apply for participants aged under 18 years.

If your application is not accepted you will receive a letter outlining the reasons why, and your right to request a review of a decision.

Last updated: July 2023