Review of eligibility decisions

You have the right to request a review of our decision about your eligibility for NIISQ. The injured person, someone acting on their behalf or the CTP insurer can dispute the eligibility decision.

Our Review of eligibility decisions information sheet provides more information:

You must firstly request an internal review before an external review of the decision. You must request this review within 28 days on the Internal Review Application Form:

Review of treatment, care and support decisions

You may disagree with us on a decision we’ve made about your treatment, care or support needs. It is okay if you don’t agree and it won’t affect how we work with you.

If a decision is made to refuse funding for a treatment, care or support, or to approve funding with conditions, you will receive an information notice outlining the reasons why, and your right to a request a review of the decision.

The injured person or someone acting on their behalf can request a review about treatment, care and support decisions.

Our Review of decisions treatment, care and support information sheet provides more information about this:

You can request an internal review of a treatment, care and support decision within 28 days of the decision being made, using the Internal Review Application form.

Last updated: July 2023