Research and education

May 21st, 2020

NIISQ Agency is pleased to announce the Research and Education initiative.

Under the National Injury Insurance Scheme (Queensland) Act 2016, NIISQ Agency can:

  • provide support and funding for programs, research and education relevant to the treatment, care and support of participants in the Scheme
  • conduct research and collect statistics about the Scheme
  • provide information to the community about the Scheme.

NIISQ Agency has adopted a participant-centred, needs-driven, outcome-focused and collaborative approach to Research and Education to improve health outcomes for participants, and to maximise impacts for the NIISQ Agency and Scheme. The Agency’s focus is on translational research and education projects that will have real benefits to participants and the Scheme.

The current NIISQ Research and Education priority themes include:

  • improving participant injury-related health outcomes
  • improving the mental health and wellbeing of participants
  • allowing NIISQ to deliver high-quality services throughout the State by building regional frontline capacity
  • facilitating the discovery and application of innovative solutions for participants
  • maximising participant independence, social and community integration and employment
  • facilitating suitable housing and supported accommodation options for participants.

The Research and Education initiative is fully agency-driven, with all funding application pathways being initiated by the NIISQ Agency. As part of this, NIISQ Agency will seek proposals from prospective applicants that are consistent with the Agency’s Research and Education priorities.  As the program matures, NIISQ Agency may reconsider other application pathways.

The NIISQ Agency will continue to engage with stakeholders to keep abreast of research and education developments relevant to the treatment, care and support of NIISQ participants to inform our Research and Education initiatives.