NIISQ Agency

Our Leadership Team is committed to the delivery of our vision and strategic objectives, channeled through our Strategic Plan 2021-2025.

They provide a supportive and inclusive team environment and engage collaboratively with the wider Agency team to foster innovation, while maintaining our focus on providing participant-centred services.

  • Neil Singleton, CEO

    Neil Singleton was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the NIISQ Agency in June 2021, and also holds the roles of Insurance Commissioner and Nominal Defendant. Neil has over 30 years of insurance experience across a broad range of management and executive positions. His responsibilities include providing strong strategic leadership to ensure viable, affordable and equitable CTP insurance and life-time care schemes in Queensland. Neil is a huge fan of customer based design and enabling and encouraging an innovative culture to help continually improve service, performance and outcomes.

  • Gaenor Walker, General Manager Participant Care

    As General Manager Participant Care, Gaenor Walker brings extensive experience through her work in the NIISQ Agency, in the insurance industry, NGOs and in private practice as an Occupational Therapist. Gaenor has also worked on projects and initiatives in the lead up to the implementation of the NDIS in Queensland and the redesign of insurance sector services. She is passionate about harnessing the great skills and expertise of the NIISQ team, and places great emphasis on building a strong, supportive culture where people succeed and participants benefit from great outcomes.

  • Peter How, General Manager Innovation and Delivery

    Peter has comprehensive executive leadership experience in government and private enterprise across a range of industries, with a particular focus on innovation and incubation, organisational performance, agility and growth. He is also a qualified company director and board advisor. Peter’s energy, enthusiasm and ability are readily on show as leader of the NIISQ Agency’s Innovation and Delivery team, and he strives to be a key enabler of the Scheme’s overall performance – now and into the future. Outside of the office, Peter is a keen marathon runner and has qualified again for the 2023 Boston event.

  • Nicola Ferguson, Director Service Delivery and Development

    Nicola has over 25 years’ experience working in the human services industry. Her experience has been developed through working in not for profit, state government and private industry sectors in NSW, Queensland and the UK. Nicola spent the first part of her career delivering and managing front line services and then moved into funding and managing service providers. She is experienced in leading diverse, outcome focused operational and project management teams and has lead a number of significant reform projects. Nicola is passionate about ensuring that vulnerable people have access to high quality services and are treated with dignity and respect when receiving these services. She recognises the importance of ensuring that service providers have the ability to deliver the services and are not overburdened by paperwork.

  • Kassandra Squire, Director Legal Services and Claims

    Kassandra Squire is a qualified solicitor with over twenty years’ experience in personal injury insurance. Kassandra possesses a willingness to step in and resolve issues on specific cases in a calm, professional manner while also building positive relationships and engagement with insurers and legal representatives to help prevent further issues arising. She leads the NIISQ Agency’s Legal Services and Claims team, providing expert counsel and advice regarding legislative interpretation, strategic management and guidance across a range of ever more complex issues.

  • Dr Youyou Luo, Director Analytics

    Youyou leads the NIISQ Agency’s data analytics, levies advice, business intelligence and scheme reporting functions. She has a research background and has worked in data analytics roles across government organisations including transport, education and human services. Youyou is passionate about turning data into insights that inform government policy, decision making and service delivery. Outside of the office, Youyou enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures and cuisines.

  • Vicki Vanderent, Director People, Policy and Communication

    Vicki leads the people, communication and policy functions for the NIISQ Agency. As leader for people and communication, she is responsible for both participant and employee experience. With a passion for culture and community, Vicki loves to co-create experiences to support people to learn, grow and thrive. Also responsible for planning and policy, Vicki helps define and shape strategies, policies and plans that improve Queensland’s lifetime care scheme and promotes measures that improve participant outcomes. Vicki has more than 20 years’ experience across government, university and private sectors and has a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Certificate in Behavioural Economics and a Bachelor of Business Communication.

  • Anh Bui, Director Finance, Risk and Assurance

    Anh joined the NIISQ Agency as Director Finance, Risk & Assurance in November 2021, and is passionate about leading teams and providing public value through quality services. She is responsible for leading diverse teams across a broad range of strategic and operational functions including financial control, budgeting, procurement, governance and risk management As a qualified accountant and governance professional, Anh has over 20 years’ experience in financial services, is a member of CPA Australia and has also been admitted to the legal profession. Anh is a Fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia and is currently completing the Executive Master of Public Administration with ANZSOG.

Last updated: August 2022