The NIISQ & the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are two separate schemes designed to provide funding and access to support for people with a disability.

They are administered by different agencies, and also have different eligibility requirements, available supports and funding methods.

They also operate separately to other supports provided by state and federal governments, such as education, public health services and transport.

For our NIISQ participants, some key points to remember are: 

  • We fund the necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support relating your accident, while you are a NIISQ participant.
  • If you were registered with NDIS pre-injury, or have joined since your injury, it can be beneficial to invite your NIISQ Support Planner to your NDIS review meetings so that planning around your supports is performed collaboratively. Please talk to your Support Planner if you would like to discuss this further.
  • A key difference is that NIISQ does not fund supports relating to sourcing housing. Please chat with your NIISQ Support Planner about your housing needs and we may be able to guide you to available services. Registering with NDIS for the purpose of accessing Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is one of the possible options available. 


  • For a person who experiences serious personal injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Queensland, on or after 1 July 2016.  
  • No age restrictions for eligibility. 
  • No requirement to be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or visa requirements. 
  • Participants remain supported throughout Australia, however eligibility may be suspended if a participant leaves Australia for more than three months. 
  • An initial two-year period as an interim participant, followed by reassessment, and then lifetime participation if eligible. 
  • For a person with a disability caused by a permanent impairment, that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities or meets the early intervention requirements.  
  • Must be aged under 65 when they access the NDIS. 
  • Must live in Australia.  
  • Must be an Australian citizen, hold a permanent resident or hold a protected special category visa. 


  • Necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support required as a result of the injuries sustained in the eligible motor vehicle accident. 
  • Injury-related needs are assessed by the NIISQ Agency and funding for appropriate supports and services is arranged with providers. 
  • Participants and/or their guardians liaise with staff from the Participant Care team to develop their NIISQ Support Plan.  
  • Necessary and reasonable supports for life. 
  • The NDIS cannot fund a support that is the responsibility of another government system (such as NIISQ) or community service.  
  • For more information: Supports funded by the NDIS | NDIS

Funding and administering agencies 

  • Funded by a levy Queensland motorists pay in conjunction with their CTP premium and vehicle registration.  
  • Administered by a state-based government agency – the National Injury Insurance Agency, Queensland (NIISQ Agency). 
  • Joint funded by the Commonwealth and state and territory governments.  
  • Administered by a national independent statutory agency – National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). 

To find out more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme, visit  

Interstate lifetime care schemes

We are proud to work alongside lifetime care schemes operating in other states and territories across Australia.

For more information, please visit:

NSW – icare  

ACT  – Lifetime Care and Support Scheme 

Victoria – Transport Accident Commission 

Tasmania – Motor Accidents Insurance Board 

Northern Territory – TIO (Motor Accidents Compensation Scheme) 

South Australia – Lifetime Support Scheme 

Western Australia – Insurance Commission of Western Australia 

Last updated: September 2022