How NIISQ is funded

Queenslanders pay for the NIISQ via a levy in conjunction with their CTP premium and registration, which is reviewed annually every 1 July. The review involves a detailed process that factors in the longevity of the Scheme, which provides people who sustain eligible serious personal injuries with necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support for their lifetime. 

Serious personal injuries are life-changing and impact not only the injured person but also their family, friends and community. A seriously injured person may require 24-hour per day nursing care assistance, along with significant home modifications and ongoing medical treatment for their lifetime. The cost of treatment, care and support over a person’s lifetime can be millions of dollars. Since its establishment in July 2016, the NIISQ has proven its relevance and importance to Queensland road users through its support of seriously injured people, bringing peace of mind to the injured person, their family and carers. 

The NIISQ levy is collected by the Department of Transport and Main Roads with your regular car registration and is included in the overall cost collected for CTP insurance. 

The NIISQ levy varies for each vehicle class. Individuals can: 

Last updated: July 2022