NIISQ Agency

The National Injury Insurance Agency, Queensland (NIISQ Agency) was also established on 1 July 2016 to assess eligibility and arrange payment of necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support for NIISQ participants, as well as managing and monitoring the provision of these services.

As a Queensland Government Agency, we work closely with a range of service providers across the state to use an evidence-based research and treatment philosophy that ensures those in NIISQ have access to services that will provide them with the most benefit for their long-term health.

Our Agency emphasises a collaborative and innovative working culture which provides staff with the opportunity to deliver high-quality services for participants and excellence across all our business functions.

Under the NIISQ Act, our main functions are to:

Our functions

  • Administer the National Injury Insurance Scheme, Queensland (the Scheme)
  • Provide information to the community about the Scheme
  • Monitor and review the operation of the Scheme, including the treatment, care and support received by participants under the Scheme
  • Conduct research and collect statistics about the Scheme
  • Give advice and information to the Treasurer and the Insurance Commission about the administration, efficiency and effectiveness of the Scheme
  • Provide support and funding for programs, research and education relevant to the treatment, care and support of participants in the Scheme
  • Manage the fund that pays for the costs of providing necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support of participants in the Scheme
  • Set investment objectives for the fund or part of the fund and establish investment strategies and policies to achieve the objectives, and
  • Keep a register of providers of services under the Scheme.

Last updated: July 2022