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Registered providers

The NIISQ Agency funds a range of necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support services provided to NIISQ participants, and we are fortunate to work with a range of high quality providers to deliver these services.

In line with our commitment to quality and safeguarding standards, we require providers of some services to register with us before they commence working with NIISQ participants.

Service providers requiring registration with the NIISQ Agency include:

  • Attendant care and support services
  • Support coordination
  • Home modifications

Service providers of the following treatment, care and support services are required to be registered with the NIISQ Agency.

Click the below links to find the register of providers for each of these services.

This data is correct as at 28 August 2023.

Only those providers who have or are currently providing services to participants are listed on the register of providers for a service. The inclusion of a service provider on the register of providers for service does not guarantee that a provider will remain on the register for that service, nor does it guarantee that they will be engaged to deliver services to a NIISQ participant.

Where contact details are missing, these have not been provided to NIISQ. Note that ‘head office address’ does not indicate the areas serviced by a provider. Please check with individual providers if they are able to provide goods or services in your area.

The NIISQ Agency conducts periodic reviews of the register of providers for each service including the criteria and procedures to be a registered provider of a service.

Please contact for further information on requirements to become a registered provider.

Last updated: September 2023