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Sustaining a serious injury, or caring for an injured family member, can feel isolating at times. Sometimes it can feel like no one else really understands what you are going through.

We want to assure you that there are people to talk to that will understand you and your experience with a catastrophic injury.

Whether you are a NIISQ participant or a carer/guardian/family member of a participant, there are many support options available to you, including the opportunity to engage with people who have experienced similar injuries and circumstances.

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Injury type: Brain injury


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Synapse – provide a range of support services for people who have been impacted by brain injury and disability. Alongside peer support and discussions with people with lived experience, Synapse also offers lots of information and resources to better understand brain injury.

For people with a brain injurySupport For People with Brain Injury – Synapse

There are a range of methods to engage with peer support options, either online or in person, one on one or in a group.

  1. Synapse offers a closed Facebook group community of people living with brain injury.
  2. The Synapse Brain Bank Panel is a chance to chat one on one with a panel member of your choice. Two of the panellists have lived experience of sustaining a brain injury and you may relate to their previous challenges.
  3. Support groups in your local area offer the opportunity to connect in person in a safe and suitable venue.
  4. Brain injury forum – discuss your experiences, share advice, and have conversations about brain injury with a community that understands.

For Carers and Family of someone with a Brain injurySupport For Carers and Family – Synapse

Looking after yourself gives you the energy and vitality to look after someone else. It’s important to look after your emotional needs as well as your physical body. There are a number of ways you can connect with others for support.

  1. The Carers Facebook group is a supportive community of people providing care to someone with a brain injury.
  2. The Brain Bank Panel is a chance to chat one on one with a panel member of your choice. One of the panellist you can chat with is a Brisbane based mum who has been a carer for her son since he sustained a brain injury 14 years ago.

The Brain Injury Community

The Brain Injury Logo

The Brain Injury Community has been established to provide a link for people with a Brain Injury and their loved ones. By connecting people with lived experiences to establish peer relationships and be a part of a peer network of people who can help each other understand their new lives.

The Brain Injury Community was founded by Angela Kalantzis, a brain injury survivor living with a traumatic brain injury since 2012.

Community events in your area

Facebook community – Brain Injury The New Me? Australia | Facebook

Injury Type: Spinal cord injury

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia

Supporting people with spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions

The recovery journey after a spinal cord injury is incredibly challenging, which is why SCIAs Peer and Family Support program is so critical. The Peer and Family Support team provide free, non-clinical, practical advice and lived experience of physical disability to help people with spinal cord injury to;

  • Regain your independence
  • Make connections in your community
  • Practice skills for everyday living
  • Develop the knowledge you need for everyday living
  • To feel supported and respected

Peer & Family Support – SCIA

The SCIA team now offer their services online through telehealth Telehealth – Peer Support – SCIA

Last updated: November 2023