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You can read more about NIISQ’s application process here.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, or would like some help in completing one of our forms, please contact your Support Planner.

Are your contact details up to date?

To ensure we can always reach you with the latest NIISQ information, please let your Support Planner know if your contact details or the contact details of your support network change. If you have recently updated your contact details with us, thank you, we don’t need you to provide this information to us again.

Personal information

  • While you are dealing with the NIISQ Agency, we may need to ask others for your personal information. This could include reports, clinical notes, medical reports, imaging, results, medical and other information about you. If you are a NIISQ participant, this information helps us to provide you with treatment, care and support services.

    By signing this form, you are providing your consent for other parties to give us your personal information.

    Consent to exchange personal information (PDF)

  • Refer to CTP frequently asked questions for further information about giving a preservation notice.

    Preservation Notice


Pharmacy and medication

Requests for review of agency decisions


As at 11 December 2023, we have released Treatment, care and support guidelines (also known as TCS guidelines) to guide our decisions about treatment, care and support for participants funded by NIISQ. Click here to learn more.

The guidelines below are currently under review.

The information provided in these guidelines is for general information purposes, subject to change and does not constitute legal advice or recommendations. It should not be relied upon as constituting legal advice or a recommendation or as applicable to specific circumstances. Please refer to the National Injury Insurance Scheme (Queensland) Act 2016 and Regulation 2016 for more details about NIISQ.

Help for communicating in a hospital or healthcare setting

Read about Julian’s Key, a patient/carer-controlled tool designed to improve communication and empower people with disability, their families and carers to be more involved in their healthcare.

In an emergency always call 000. If you have additional health-related questions, you can also contact your GP.

Last updated: June 2024