For service providers

Information for service providers

What is a service provider?

A service provider is an individual or organisation delivering a treatment, care or support service to a NIISQ participant.

Each NIISQ participant’s needs are different, depending on their injury and circumstances. To ensure those needs are understood and met, we work collaboratively with a number of different service providers, such as:

  • medical practitioners
  • allied health professionals and other rehabilitation service providers
  • attendant care providers
  • home, vehicle and workplace modifiers.

Service providers play a key role in the delivery of NIISQ providing services that will ensure participants receive necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support.

We are committed to working closely with service providers as one team to facilitate the best outcomes for participants.

To maximise health outcomes for participants we expect providers to:

  • advise participants that they have choice around the providers they work with. Some providers are required to be registered with NIISQ, a list of NIISQ registered providers can be accessed via our Find a NIISQ registered provider page
  • notify us as soon as possible if a participant approaches them to provide services
  • work collaboratively with us, as well as other service providers and the participant and their family/guardians
  • provide evidence-based, outcome-focused services and make recommendations in line with best practice
  • empower the participant by facilitating their independence and participation in the community.

Do all service providers need to register with the NIISQ Agency to provide treatment, care and support services to a participant?

In accordance with the National Injury Insurance Agency (Queensland) Act 2016 and the National Injury Insurance Agency (Queensland) Regulation 2016 providers must be registered with the NIISQ Agency when delivering the following services to NIISQ participants:

  • Attendant care and support services
  • Support coordination
  • Home modifications.

The registration requirement and processes are only applicable to the above service categories. To learn more, read NIISQ registered providers.

Last updated: May 2024