Support plan

When you are accepted as a NIISQ participant, a dedicated member of our Support Planning team will be assigned to work closely with you and your service providers to develop your own personal support plan. A support plan details your goals and identifies treatment, care and support needs.

How it works

The Support Planning team member will work with you to develop a support plan tailored to your individual circumstances and your goals. They will help you identify what is important to you, what your goals are and what you need to achieve those goals.

Collaboration and informed decision-making are central to NIISQ. We want our participants to be involved in decisions about their rehabilitation and continuing support needs, your transition from hospital to home and accessing services in the community. The Support Planning team member will also work alongside your treating team and talk with you and your family or carers about the evidence-based treatment, care and support options to suit your specific requirements.

You will be placed at the centre of the decision-making process to maximise your independence and dignity.

The Support Planning team member will:

  • meet with you regularly and help you to develop and review your support plan
  • work collaboratively with you to identify any new goals and treatment, care or support needs
  • help you access the funding available under NIISQ for necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support required to achieve your goals, based on your personal support plan (see our Treatment, care and support information sheet and legislation for more details)
  • collaborate with you to help you make informed decisions regarding your personal circumstances and goals.

Our participants are also invited to access the culturally safe Getting Strong Again resource booklet. This may help you to note down and remember things you would like to talk about with your assigned Support Planning team member.