Service Providers

The National Injury Insurance Agency Queensland is responsible for the Scheme. It will:

  • Administer the Scheme
  • Assess the treatment, care and support needed by participants
  • Work with participants, their key support people and service providers to develop a person-centred support plan
  • Fund necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support
  • Ensure participants receive the necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support they need over their lifetime.

The Agency works in partnership with providers who become an essential part of the team, delivering treatment, care and support to our participants.

Services we pay for

The Scheme provides necessary and reasonable treatment, care and… read more.

Planning with participants

Once a participant joins the Scheme, a Support Planner will be allocated… read more.

Working with us

Service providers play a key role in delivery of the Scheme… read more.

Registered providers

In accordance with the legislation, the Scheme requires some providers… read more.

Payment and invoicing

To guarantee payment, service providers must seek prior approval… read more.