Service Providers

The National Injury Insurance Agency, Queensland (NIISQ Agency) is responsible for the National Injury Insurance Scheme, Queensland (NIISQ). All NIISQ participants have an experienced NIISQ Agency Support Planner assigned to work closely with them to develop their support plan and enable access to the necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support services they require to achieve their individual goals.

The NIISQ Agency:

  • administers NIISQ
  • assesses the treatment, care and support needed by participants
  • works with participants, their key support people and service providers to develop a person-centred support plan
  • funds necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support
  • ensures participants receive the necessary and reasonable treatment, care and support they need over their lifetime.

The NIISQ Agency works in partnership with a range of service providers to deliver treatment, care and support to our participants. Some service providers are required to be registered with the NIISQ Agency.

Working with us

Information for providers working with the NIISQ Agency

Register of providers

Information about registered providers and links to the register of providers

Payment and invoicing

Information about payment and invoicing

Policies and guidelines

Access the policies and guidelines which form the governing framework for providers delivering services to NIISQ participants

Forms and templates

Forms and templates for providers, including reporting templates