Annual NIISQ Insights: 2022-23


This year, we continued to deliver the right support at the right time to make a difference to the lives of scheme participants.

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The data contained below reflects NIISQ participants who were injured in motor vehicle accidents. For more information on how we assist people injured in work-related accidents, view our page on Work related accidents.

Highlights from the year

During the 2022-23 financial year, we:

  • formed a Participant Reference Group and hosted multiple consultation sessions to inform NIISQ Agency functions
  • drafted Treatment, care and support guidelines to enhance our decision-making and provided the drafts for feedback from valued stakeholders and the community
  • unveiled our Reconciliation Action Plan representing our commitment to inclusivity and cultural safety
  • hosted a stakeholder forum with over 70 partners in health, disability, insurance and legal industries to foster collaboration
  • launched our MyPack and MyPlanning initiatives following a co-design process with scheme participants and stakeholders
  • conducted a six-week sprint with the QUT Centre for Future Enterprise to identify future innovation opportunities.

On the horizon

In the coming financial year, we will:

  • continue progressing our existing initiatives into 2023-24
  • develop and implement an innovation roadmap to further enhance our services
  • explore opportunities to improve the transition of participants from hospital to home
  • continue to explore opportunities to improve home modifications and care services for participants
  • expand the NIISQ research and initiative funding program
  • continue our focus on co-design with scheme stakeholders to ensure the services we provide are fit for purpose.

Stay in the loop

To stay informed:

Explore our graphs below to learn more about NIISQ’s current participant cohort.

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Applications received

When the NIISQ Agency receives an application, we review the application for eligibility. In 2022-2023, we received 123 applications, accepted 90 (on an interim basis), did not accept 23, and have 10 applications pending decision.

Exited participants

People with eligible injuries enter the scheme as interim participants for up to two years and receive treatment, care and support funded by NIISQ to support their rehabilitation. During this period, the NIISQ Agency is required to review the participant’s eligibility to remain in the scheme on a lifetime basis or to exit the scheme for various reasons.

Lifetime exited participants

For some participants, the treatment, care and support they have received has been effective in supporting a recovery that means they no longer meet the threshold for a serious personal injury that requires lifetime funding. After their lifetime eligibility assessment, 98 participants have exited the scheme as a result of the treatment, care and support funded by NIISQ.

Lump sum exited participants

Participants who are eligible for lifetime funding might be eligible for a compulsory third party (CTP) insurance claim in addition to NIISQ as part of their claim against the at-fault party. By taking a lump sum from both the CTP insurer and NIISQ, 25 participants have exited the scheme.

Lump sum eligibility

Participants with a CTP insurance claim who are eligible to take a lump sum (contributory negligence of less than 50% for the circumstances of the accident) opted in the following way at conference:

  • 31 participants have settled their CTP insurance claim.
  • Of those 31 participants, 25 took a lump sum from both the insurer and NIISQ.
  • 6 participants opted to take the insurer lump sum but decided to stay in NIISQ.
elected lump sum exit
elected to remain in the scheme

Active participants

In terms of the current (active) participants in NIISQ, the number of lifetime participants continued to increase as expected.

Injury type

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) continues to be the main injury type for the NIISQ participant cohort, regardless of location or demographic differences.

Participant role at motor vehicle accident

We continue to note an overrepresentation of participants entering the scheme as a result of motorcycle accidents.

Participant age and gender

Young males aged 16-30 continue to be the major cohort for NIISQ participation.

Participant age and injury type

When assessing the data, it is also worth noting that the TBI cohort is relatively younger in comparison to other injury types, such as spinal cord injury.

Geographical profile

While the majority of participants reside in the Greater Brisbane area, North Queensland is the next highest area by geographical profile.

Payments for treatment, care and support

Payments by service type

More than 50% of service payments made on behalf of participants are for attendant, care and support, which reflects the care and respite that is necessary for people with serious personal injuries.

Legal services and claims

Participant with CTP insurance claims

NIISQ is a no-fault scheme, which means people seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents may be eligible for treatment, care and support regardless of whether they were the cause of the accident or not. For those participants who were not at fault, they may be eligible for a CTP insurance claim in addition to NIISQ as part of their claim against the at-fault party.

Last updated: August 2023