MyNIISQ – A NIISQ & QUT initiative

We recently embarked on an intensive six-week project with QUT to explore how we might reshape the experience of those involved with NIISQ.

At the core of this project was a mission to co-design a more comprehensive and efficient treatment, care and support model for individuals who have experienced severe personal injuries. The guiding principles for the project were:  

  • personal agency – empowering individuals to have a say in their own journey
  • smart agency – creating an intelligent system using innovation and technology to optimise processes
  • efficient agency – creating a system that not only works well but is sustainable long term.

The research led us to identify eight key opportunities for innovation and transformation:

  • build a comprehensive and holistic NIISQ approach
  • personalise and optimise communication channels to ensure information reaches the right people at the right time
  • lower administrative burden for staff to redirect their time and energy towards helping participants
  • refine NIISQ processes for accessibility and efficiency
  • harness business intelligence for NIISQ best practices
  • ensure a transparent and swift payment system for better stakeholder experience
  • enhance data integration and security
  • invest in competency development and expectation management.

The MyNIISQ project will focus on creating a user-centric, self-service digital dashboard tailored to the needs of different users, such as participants, employees, and stakeholders. By adopting Queensland Treasury information technology privacy and security requirements, the MyNIISQ dashboard would allow more secure information sharing with approved parties and a central channel that reduces communication through email. 

Thanks to the intensive six-week sprint with QUT, we have taken the feedback and findings to develop an Innovation roadmap to further explore and pilot the recommendations.

The NIISQ-QUT partnership with our stakeholders is a remarkable example of how innovation and collaboration can reshape agency services for the better.

Last updated: August 2023