Research and initiatives to reduce representation of motorcyclists in NIISQ

Motorbikes represent less than 5% of vehicles registered in Queensland but account for approximately 20% of participants entering our National Injury Insurance Scheme, Queensland (NIISQ) each year. This is not unique to Queensland, with other motor vehicle lifetime care schemes reporting an over-representation of motorbike riders and pillion passengers. This reflects just how vulnerable people riding motorbikes are when a crash occurs.

The NIISQ levy paid by motorbike owners as part of their vehicle registration is around twice that of a car or sedan. At the NIISQ Agency, we are collaborating with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission on ways to help reduce the incidence and effects of crashes related to motorbikes. This aims to reduce the number of people who are injured and to keep the levy affordable.

This collaboration will include data sharing and identifying initiatives for motorbike riders to potentially reduce crashes, but to also focus on initiatives to improve trauma outcomes where crashes unfortunately do occur. We are committed to ensuring the scheme remains sustainable for all and there is timely support for people who are injured, at the time when they need us most.

Last updated: June 2023