Amputee Awareness Week 2022

As part of the recent National Amputee Awareness Week (3-10 October), we wanted to highlight the growth and success of one of our Lifetime NIISQ participants, Travis.

Travis sustained both an above knee and below knee amputation in May 2020 in a motor vehicle accident that nearly claimed his life. After two cardiac arrests and being resuscitated twice, he woke up in the hospital with bilateral leg amputations, on significant pain medications and described the initial experience to feeling as if he had been abducted.

Following the accident, Travis took charge of his situation and prioritised his mental health and mindset in order to progress. “I was allowed to have an easy way out. After these injuries no one would be shocked if I just settled into an unhealthy lifestyle, but that’s not what I wanted for myself.” Travis linked with an allied health team including psychology, physiotherapy and his prosthesis team in order to maximise his progress both mentally and physically.

Fast forward to 2022 and Travis has achieved a goal of relearning to walk with his personalised prosthetics and microprocessor knee. He shared, “It’s nothing like walking, its completely different. My balance is foreign without ankles, feet and toes. Its hard work, but its not bad work”.

Earlier in the year Travis put his strength training to the test and competed in the Crossfit Open adaptive division, a worldwide fitness competition where he placed an impressive 25th globally and 2nd in Oceania. With goals to progress in the sport and continue to explore other outdoor activities, Travis has plans for a healthy and active future.

“You need to stop comparing yourself in any negative perspective you’ve given yourself. That’s not the reality of it.”

“I’m just as able as the next guy. I’m just as co-ordinated. I just can’t run, and that’s not the end of the world.” A big thanks to Travis for sharing his story and we can’t wait to hear more about what you achieve next.

Last updated: January 2023