Treatment, care and support guidelines in development

Here at the NIISQ Agency, we are focused on supporting our participants who have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland.

That’s why we are developing guidelines based on the National Injury Scheme (Queensland) Act 2016 and the National Injury Insurance Scheme (Queensland) Regulation 2016.

These guidelines will be published on our website and will explain how we make decisions on treatment, care and support funded under the scheme. The primary purpose of the guidelines is to improve the quality and consistency of administrative decision-making and to promote transparency, accountability, and public trust. 

We are developing detailed Treatment, care and support guidelines (TCS guidelines) along with plain language and EasyRead versions to ensure accessibility for our participants and other valued stakeholders. Prior to publishing these guidelines on our website, we will undertake an 8-week consultation period in June and July with key stakeholders to gather feedback on the guidelines. Afterwards we will review the feedback and make enhancements before launching the guidelines on our website. We look forward to updating you further on this opportunity to enhance our scheme in the coming months.

Last updated: June 2023