Funding of physiotherapy clinical practice guidelines for people with spinal cord injury

The National Injury Insurance Scheme Agency, Queensland (NIISQ Agency) has partnered with Metro South Health to fund the Queensland component of a Queensland-first research project that will help physiotherapists provide consistent high-quality management for people with spinal cord injuries (SCI)

The project, Physiotherapy Clinical Practice Guidelines for People with Spinal Cord Injury (Queensland component), is part of a wider initiative that will provide Queensland clinical experts with the opportunity to shape physiotherapy guidelines for Queenslanders with spinal cord injuries and translate into vital best practice.  

The collaboration enables Queensland to be at the forefront of research to improve the lives of Queenslanders with SCI and be an integral part of a multi-state guideline development team that will pave the way for standardised practice across Australia.   

To develop the guidelines, the Queensland team is working with Professor Lisa Harvey (Project Lead) and Associate Professor Joanne Glinsky (Project Coordinator) in NSW, icare (Insurance and Care NSW) and other inter-state representatives, Queensland clinicians, and people with spinal cord injury through all phases of the project. An important aspect of the Queensland project is the roll out and translation of the guidelines into physiotherapy practice across the state. 

This project aims to improve on the care of people with SCI by introducing evidence-based physiotherapy clinical guidelines and a companion resource for people with SCI that will be applicable State-wide.  

The project demonstrates the NIISQ Agency’s commitment to Making Lives Better for NIISQ participants through innovations in treatment, care and support and is highly relevant to NIISQ participants with SCI who represent approximately 18% of total numbers. 

The Agency has contributed $75,325 to the project which is expected to be completed by mid-2022. 

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March/April 2021 

Last updated: July 2022