NIISQ Agency and University of Queensland collaborate to support people with traumatic brain injury

We’re pleased to announce the completion of our research project Capacity building for providers of cognitive rehabilitation, undertaken in partnership with the University of Queensland.

This is an initiative designed to help the cognitive rehabilitation of people with traumatic brain injury, which is of vital importance to us given that more than 75% of NIISQ participants have a brain injury.

We worked with leading researchers at UQ to identify the capacity-building needs of Queensland cognitive rehabilitation providers to develop and evaluate a program to use with people who live with brain injury.

It is the first project to be completed under the NIISQ Agency’s research program and will be a vital step in assisting people with traumatic injuries.

Capacity building for providers of cognitive rehabilitation addressed an identified need by the NIISQ Agency and we consider the project will produce real benefits for our participants and the Scheme including:

  • building provider capability and capacity across Queensland in cognitive rehabilitation for people with traumatic brain injury
  • facilitation of evidence-based intervention, improved health outcomes and achievement of functional and participation goals for NIISQ participants
  • providing an opportunity to provide pilot data and lay the groundwork for a scaled-up provider capacity building program.

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Last updated: February 2023