NIISQ Participant Reference Group

As NIISQ continues to evolve, our focus remains on enhancing services by actively involving participants and their families. In an exciting development, NIISQ has unveiled the inaugural Participant Reference Group (PRG), reflecting a commitment to collaboration and improvement.

This initiative stems from the organisation’s dedication to engaging its community as the scheme grows. The PRG members will play a pivotal role in the ongoing enhancement of NIISQ initiatives and activities aimed at continuous improvement over the next two years.

Our friends at the Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) have been a key partner in bringing this vision to fruition. Facilitating the PRG’s inaugural face-to-face meeting on 21 July in Brisbane. 

This gathering provided a platform for sharing invaluable stories, innovative ideas, and the forging of new connections that will enable the agency to better align the scheme’s offerings with the needs and experiences of its participants.

During the meeting, PRG members had the opportunity to present their unique perspectives, shedding light on areas where NIISQ can make a tangible improvement. The stories shared provided insights that only those who have navigated such circumstances can truly comprehend. Ideas emerged that could potentially revolutionise the way NIISQ approaches its services, all thanks to the PRG members volunteering to share their diverse and lived experiences.

The enthusiasm from both the PRG members and the NIISQ Agency team was palpable. The mutual eagerness to bridge the gap between service providers and service recipients bodes well for the future, as the PRG members embark on their first two-year term. 

As the partnership between NIISQ and the PRG matures, it promises to create a ripple effect that touches the lives of all those connected to the scheme. With each story shared, every idea proposed, and all relationships formed, we take a step closer to a future where services are tailored, responsive, and truly transformative.

Last updated: August 2023