Innovation takes the international stage at Appian World 2023

Our NIISQ Agency team was invited to present to the Appian World 2023 conference in May.

General Managers Gaenor Walker and Peter How shared our strategies for customer-centric, end-to-end engagement and automation using modern innovation approaches and technology. 

The Appian World conference has a global reach of over 1500 attendees from the UK, Europe, USA and Asia Pacific and it highlighted our accomplishments to an international audience. Appian is the technology company behind Connect, the core application which supports our operations. Our technology partner Roboyo invited us to present as representatives from a highly innovative, Queensland-based public sector organisation. The presentation was very positive, with an insightful post-session discussion and recognition of the progress we are making.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to share our learnings and experiences, to network with global industry experts, to learn about the latest trends and innovations and to gain further insights into the Appian platform.

Last updated: June 2023