Participant stories

Read real participant stories and learn how NIISQ has helped to achieve their goals.


“NIISQ have supported me through the whole journey so far.”

May 2019

Tim: follow up story

“NIISQ helped me on my long road to trying to get my life as I knew it back.”

November 2018


“I honestly can’t imagine not being helped by NIISQ.”

October 2018


“NIISQ have helped me with stuff that I didn’t even realise would be funded by the Scheme.”

September 2018


“Without NIISQ and the help from my family and friends I truly believe I would not have achieved so much in so little time.”

September 2018


“My NIISQ support planners have guided me through the overwhelming processes involved when re-entering society after my accident.”

August 2018


“The support and encouragement I received from my family and NIISQ was great.”

June 2018


“NIISQ funded lots of things that have helped.”

June 2018


“…enjoy the journey. Show all therapists and doctors just how strong the human body and mind is.”

July 2017